Success for Nick Hudson playing RJM Solo Chanter!

Congratulations to Nick Hudson on his recent success winning the Overall prize against a strong field of top level competitors in the annual William Livingstone Sr. Memorial Piping competition held in Hamilton, Ontario.

Playing his RJM solo chanter Nick was placed 1st in the Piobaireachd playing “Lament for the Laird of Anapool” – a very testing piece. Nick was 3rd place in the March, Strathspey, Reel, Hornpipe & Jig section.


The Massacre of Glencoe

The latest mp3 to be added to the tunes section is “The Massacre of Glencoe”. Recorded live at the Clan Donald Quaich competition in June 2015. This tune is performed in the style written in the Donald MacDonald manuscript.

Glenfiddich Success and Bratach Gorm Win

On the 24th of October 2015, Roddy MacLeod was placed 3rd overall at the 2015 Glenfiddich Championships with a 2nd place in the MSR and 3rd place in the Piobaireachd. Congratulations to Angus MacColl who was Overall winner and to Stuart Liddell who was runner-up.


On the 31st of October 2015, Roddy MacLeod won his 7th Bratach Gorm and 8th Overall London Championship. These prizes were won by Roddy using the RJM Solo Chanter.

RJM Solo Chanter Modification

Since launching my RJM Solo and Band chanters a couple of years ago there has been a fantastic response with much positive comment. However, when you receive constructive comments for possible improvements it is important to listen. One such comment I have had was about the spacing between the Low A and B hole on the solo chanter with some people finding it a bit of a stretch.

I have taken that on board and now made some small modifications to the chanter which have eradicated the spacing issue making the chanter very comfortable to play, even for those with smaller hands. I am delighted with the result!
So far, I have received 100% approval from those who have tried regarding the comfort of the chanter now.

I have also recently launched a B flat chanter which will shortly be available from this website

Masters Win

Roddy MacLeod won the Piping Live! Masters competition on the 10th of August. Roddy won on a Piobaireachd preference winning 1st prize in that event with the tune “The Earl of Ross’s March”. This tune can be downloaded from this site.

New RJM Ensemble Chanter

On Wednesday 12th August 2015 I will be launching my new B flat Ensemble chanter as part of an RJM chanters showcase event at Piping Live! Street Cafe@2.00pm.  Will be showcasing all 3 chanters – solo, band and Ensemble chanters. Performances from a quartet of The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and solo spots from Calum Iain Brown and Callum Watson. Finlay Macdonald and Matt MacIsaac will play the new B flat chanter with guest musicians.

Glenfiddich Championships 2014

The results of the Glenfiddich Piping Championships held on the 25th of October 2014 at Blair Castle were as follows.



1st Stuart Liddell

2nd Bruce Gandy

3rd Roddy MacLeod

1st Roddy MacLeod (Played “Isabel MacKayRJM Solo Chanter)
2nd Bruce Gandy
3rd Stuart Liddell
4th Willie McCallum
5th Angus MacColl

1st Niall Stewart
2nd Stuart Liddell
3rd Willie McCallum
4th Bruce Gandy
5th Douglas Murray